UX Content Strategist

Xfinity Mobile Voice and Tone

Xfinity Mobile Voice & Tone


Refine Xfinity Mobile’s voice and tone across multiple content channels.


  • Defined the content perspective
  • Mapped and prioritized UX design pillars to each channel
  • Defined voice and tone attributes
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By nature, Xfinity Mobile's UX design principles are often at odds with one another - especially in the context of a complex tech service. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to use language that is all at once simple, transparent, and human.

Our style guide was limited to tactical information like vocabulary, formatting, and communication goals but didn’t provide frameworks or situational context that helped writers apply the UX design principles to our voice and tone.

I started by defining a content perspective so each writer interpreted our voice and tone the same way.

I mapped our pillars to each scenario, dialing up or down depending on the situation. This helped UX writers make detailed and difficult decisions about the information and language to use in each scenario.


Lastly, I updated our style guide with practical information like voice and tone attributes to create a consistent mindset across the team.


Based on our style guides, content underwent rigorous reviews and stress tests with designers, stakeholders, business leaders, and pilot users. We wrote content for website pages, app interfaces, email and SMS communications, support articles, promotional offers, and agent tools.