UX Content Strategist

Xfinity Mobile UX Strategy

Xfinity Mobile UX Strategy


Explore opportunities for improvement in the Xfinity Mobile Learn experience.


  • Used new and existing research to define the problems
  • Involved stakeholders in the process to generate ideas and get buy-in
  • Developed strategies and concepts based on findings



We used several research methods to better understand what worked (and didn’t) on our current landing and plan pages:

  • Findings from previous user testing of landing/plan concepts
  • Expert interviews with design, marketing, product, and development teams
  • Analogous and competitive audits of learn experiences

Based on our findings, we defined six key problems with the existing experience:

  1. Our pages are a one-way conversation
  2. Our pages are doing too many jobs
  3. Users don’t understand By the Gig
  4. Users feel trapped, so they call
  5. We’re not built for promotions
  6. Our landing page is ineffective


We designed a stakeholder workshop to address these key problems and generate ideas. The workshop included an exhibit-style walkthrough of the problems, followed by several sketching sessions.



Based on our research and workshop findings, we developed a perspective and several concepts for the new pages. The content strategy mapped user questions to specific experience goals and "just in time" content, and our concept matrix allowed for variations in focus and intensity of the design and messaging.


This project was eventually reprioritized (such is UX life) but our work provided a strong launchpad for future initiatives, including a full strategy and buildout to support offer promotions on the website.