UX Content Strategist

Xfinity Mobile Design System

Xfinity Mobile Design System


Oversee content strategy for Xfinity Mobile's design system, including taxonomies and editorial guidelines.


  • Audited and refined existing components
  • Designed a taxonomy workshop  for language and IA exploration
  • Documented IA, taxonomy, and editorial guidelines for DSM



We catalogued design and content components and bundled pattern variations. We found nearly 100 component types across the experience, and identified key questions that needed to be addressed.

We then designed a taxonomy workshop to involve our stakeholders in the organization of our components. We aimed to leave the workshop with a sense of information architecture for the components, as well as a pool of agreed-upon language to pull from when building the taxonomy.

The meat of the workshop included a collaborative card sorting exercise, followed by a group discussion about component categories and definitions. Across dev, design, marketing, and accessibility teams, there were plenty of strong and often conflicting perspectives. This healthy debate helped us understand the mental models associated with component usage.

Amy and I worked together on a design system and thanks to her, it’s become an invaluable asset to our team and beyond. She’s collaborative, resourceful and a genuine pleasure to work with. I can’t stress this enough but Amy’s contribution to our team has been extraordinary.
— Experience Designer, Xfinity Mobile


Based on workshop outputs, as well as a study of publicly-available design system taxonomies, we worked through several iterations of component grouping and categorization. In the end, we landed on a two-tiered IA that defined components based on whether they were informational or actionable.

Once we grouped the components and finalized naming, I defined editorial guidelines and documented the taxonomy structure for upload to Sketch's DSM tool. 

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